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Vendors at Alaska's Best Wholesale Show

Your customers are purchasing an Alaskan experience when they buy an Alaskan-made product. How often do you tell a customer a story about an artist? How much more authentic are those stories—the connections that create sales—when you've actually met the artist?

Take home a story and experience to share with your customers; shop Alaska's Best!

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Why Meet in Person?

No catalog or artist bio can replace a face-to-face meeting. When you invest the time to join Alaska's Best Wholesale Show, you ensure that you have the right products and the right tools to generate sales in your store. Decision-making becomes fun as each artist guides you through their unique product line and helps you select inventory for your store's needs. As you build relationships you collect your own stories of the artist and craft to share with your customers.

Why Alaska's Best?

  • Discover new, unique, exclusively Alaskan products
  • Create relationships and collect stories
  • Indulge in a hands-on shopping experience
  • Enjoy stocking your store in our fun environment
  • Place orders for summer delivery
  • Reduce travel stress—stay with us at the Clarion Suites to enjoy on-site breakfast, airport shuttle, parking and pool
  • Refuel during the show with complimentary coffee and snacks
  • Recall every artist (and their contact information) with our Show Guide

Alaska's Best Wholesale Show:
An efficient, supportive marketplace where Alaska's best crafters enjoy growing their wholesale businesses and relationships

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